ERASMUS+ "No more walls.. just Bridges" in Satu Mare (Romania)

The second mobility of the Erasmus+ project "NO MORE WALLS JUST BRIDGES" took place in Romania from 10 to 16 March 2019 at the Sports High School of Satu Mare. The Italian students, together with the French, Belgians, Portuguese and Romanians, were engaged in a series of cultural, sports and musical activities and workshops in accordance with the program provided for in the project. The Romanian delegation made us discover the history and the characteristic buildings of the city of Satu Mare through the visit of the panoramic tower, of the palace where the city administration is located, of some churches of Catholic and Orthodox rite and a city treasure hunt.

We also had the opportunity to learn about the history and cultural traditions of Romania through some guided tours at the Memorial of the Victims of Communism in Sighetu Marmației, which has greatly impressed our students for the suffering that this period has inflicted on the Romanian people, the ancient monastery of Barsana, where a community of cloistered nuns still lives, the Village-museum of Negresti Oas, with its typical medieval buildings, the castle of Carei in Transylvania and the cheerful cemetery at Sapanta, so named for the bright colors and smiling figures that adorn its tombs. The Romanian partner has organized for both students and teachers a series of activities and sports competitions in athletics, football, fencing, kayaking, handball, table tennis and basketball, with teams mixed by gender and nationality. All delegations also participated in workshops and workshops in cooking, mechanics, sewing, crafts and electronics both at the school and at some cultural and professional centers in the city. A series of folkloric and musical initiatives have animated, with dances and ballets of their own tradition, the moments of socialization, involving in turn all the delegations and creating an atmosphere of synergy and cultural exchange that has allowed us to continue to work on the construction of those "bridges" that our Erasmus project aims to create and make more effective.