Mobility Week in Satu Mare

Together with the students from the partner countries Liceul cu Program Sportiv Satu Mare promotes project based learning while shaping the activities on sports as the main topic and the most important aim of the meeting held in Satu Mare during the week of 11th-15th March 2019.
On Monday, after the guests’ arrival, the whole group was picked up from the hotel and started their walk to our school where the students and teachers would start their activities.
The team-building activity focused on T-shirt painting got the students closer to one other and warmed up the atmosphere for the whole week.JPEG The activity continued with the presentation of the interviews prepared by the students before the meeting, in a classroom where the photo collages on healthy lifestyle had been exhibited.
After a warm welcome at the Town Hall, the treasure hunt in the city center proved to be a real challenge for the students while the teachers were getting familiar with the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of this region.
On Monday afternoon, the guests had the first glimpse of what performance in sports meant when they visited the Fencing Club of the City.

So they got ready for the first sporting activities on Tuesday morning.
JPEG After a spectacular sports demonstration, they had the chance to try sports (such as football, basketball, handball, table tennis, chess, fencing) together with the Romanian students and trainers. In the afternoon they were offered the possibility to spend time on water while trying also kayak-canoe in spite of the cold and windy weather.
JPEGTrips on research of cultural diversity and heritage enriched their stay in Romania. The Land of Oas, in the county of Satu Mare offered the guests a unique, authentic and interesting view of how people lived in this region in the past, the same point was given by the County History Museum, visited on Friday. JPEG
The County of Maramures provided more surprises with the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta with its uniqueness and the Monastery of Birsana, its oldest church being a UNESCO heritage too.

Traditions and history of our region were revealed later during the trip and the next day too when visiting the Castle of Carei. A very interesting workshop closed the meeting. On Friday morning all the students gathered in classrooms and holding hand in hand as a big family learned from their peers the traditional dances of each country, which finally would be presented at the good-bye party on Friday in the evening with an exhibition of traditional clothes.

Surprising sporting activities like break dance and bowling, as well as workshops on traditional Romanian crafts proved to be really successful when all the students got deeply involved whenever they tried something new.
The mobility week in Satu Mare gave all the students the opportunity to experience new things, to learn by doing and trying, to work in teams, to practice the English language and to socialize. To be continued in France..., we are coming...