Belgian students in Bari

Erasmus+ No more walls just bridges
Location: Bari - Itali
Date: 18th – 24th November 2018

On Sunday morning we were all (except for Piet) ready to leave for Zaventem airport. At 9 a.m. we were on our way to Bari. Once arrived in Bari, it turned out that Mrs. Schoofs had lost her suitcase in Frankfurt. No problem, because the friendly Italians offered her some beautiful clothes. When we arrived at the B&B we were completely in "the mood" to experience Italy.
On Monday we had to present our country, city and school to the group. After the presentations we were divided into groups to participate in various workshops. "healthy food" was the central theme in all these workshops. We went to work with pencils, paper, and all other necessities to create beautiful works of art. In the afternoon we visited the theater Petruzzelli and the historic part of Bari. We ended the evening in a typical Italian restaurant, where we merged with the Italians.

Early Tuesday morning we left for the caves of Castellana and the pleasant town of Alberobelo, known for its beautiful trulli. In the afternoon we had some free time to browse through the city and then drive back to the hotel, where we had a delicious evening meal.
The next day we left by bus to a farm where they produce olive oil. We were given an instructive tour about the production of olive oil and afterwards we were allowed to sniff the aromas and taste the delicious olive oil. In the afternoon we continued working on our healthy eating projects. In the evening we had a pleasant party, the black night, where we had to be dressed in black, gold or silver. With a warm heart and tired legs we crawled into our beds.
Thursday morning we all left for Matera, where we fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of the country and its people. We visited the museum Cassa Noha where we were confronted with the harsh reality of the history of Matera. This city was chosen as Europe’s cultural capital in 2019. In the afternoon they served us a typical Italian lunch. We left with the feeling that we definitely wanted to return to this beautiful city. Next stop was the escape room. Our brains were sharpened and we learned to work together with our foreign friends. We continued that fraternization with our Portuguese during a nice dinner.

On Friday we did our best to cook delicious Belgian food. We served stew with fries and rice pudding. Our fries in particular were appreciated.
In the afternoon we had a bit of free time and we went shopping. The last evening ended with a nice farewell dinner and a large number of tears. This was the perfect end to a top week. Saturday morning we left quietly for the airport, where we took our plane back to Belgium.
Bari we don’t say goodbye, but ci vediamo!