The Virtual Mobility Week for Romania

After long days of preparation and hard work the students from Liceul cu Program Sportiv Satu Mare have been looking forward to meeting their friends from Europe again. And the days came... We were ready for the meeting, for this time, ready for a virtual meeting in Belgium. The days, Adopt the past, save the future, brought the past into the present, and us into the past.


1st day - Art and artists. All eager to start the activity. And the presentations started. We were all eyes and ears while paying attention to all the details after the Kahoot warm-up activity which led us into the European cultural heritage.

JPEGPresentation after presentation fallowed, later it was our turn to get the world know about our famous painters, Ștefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza and Aurel Popp, the least one born in the county of Satu Mare. Our students got deeply involved in some painting imitations in order to make them alive again.
2nd day -Monument adoption. A wonderful visiting day when we learnt many interesting things about the monuments chosen to be adopted for the project. The Romanian students adopted the Synagogue of Satu Mare, an old monument which needs restauration after so many years of existence after the Jews’ deportation to Auschwitz. A virtual live tour of the Synagogue was included to our presentation.

3rd day - Workshops within the cultural intangible heritage of each country - an interactive day with a lot of art and craft. Romania put the Mărțișor on the agenda while learning the tutorials of the other countries and while feeling nostalgic about the hours spent in the Italian kitchen at our first project meeting. We spent the day with a lot of movement fun and laughter.
And we created a lot of things at the workshop.
We loved these days!!! Thank you all!!!