The last mobility of the project “No more wall jost bridges” took place online: for three days the partners carried out activities on the enhancement of tangible and intangible artistic heritage of their nations.
It was an original and engaging experience thanks to presentations, videos and workshops that recreated the spirit of the international meetings that we have missed so much because of the pandemic restrictions.
The mobility started on 18 May with some Ice breaking activities such as a kahoot about art played by the students. The questions were taken from the art paddlet created by all the partners.
Successively the students represented with photos, videos and presentation famous artworks by artists from each country. Some of them created copies of the artworks and other reinterpretated and chose them questioning on how digital technology and COVID has changed the perception of some values universally shared.
On 19 May the partners introduced and promoted the monumentes they adopted: Bari chose Masseria Caggiano, a farm which is located in a strategic position along the Lama Balice Regional Park close to the school; Geel presented the Gasthuisfarm, a monument close their school which needs a different new function; Montmorency presented the Collegiale Saint Martin; Satu Mare The Jewish Synagogue and Campo Major the Castle. The students works were enriched with presentations by experts on the subjects.
On 20 May the partners worked on examples of immaterial heritage of their countries. Bari organised an online cooking show during which students of cooking classes prepared dishes using ancient and traditional ingredients to be found in the Lama Balice; the Belgians presented their typical Belgian fries and songs and ceremonies of Belgian traditional celebrations such as auspicious rites of the beguinning of the year; Montmorency run an online tutorial on how to cornrow hair; Satu Mare presented handmade symbols of March – Martisor and Campo Maior run and arts and craft lab on how to make Portugese traditional paper flower.