Belgian students in Satu Mare

On Sunday, 10th of March, we started our journey from Geel to Satu Mare.
The next day we were welcomed at Liceul cu Program Sportiv and we got the tour of the school and the student prepared themselves for the workshops. In the afternoom we visited the Town Hall of Satu Mare and the students went on a treasure hunt. After meeting each other at the Firefighters’ Tower we went back to school so we could watch a fencing training.
Next day we started with some sport activities at school and in the afternoon we went kayaking and canoeing. The weather was splendid so we enjoyed the outdoor activities very much.
On Wednesday we had breakfast around 8 o’clock because we needed to leave at 8:30 to Săpânța. There was a special cemetery, wich was called the merry cemetery. It were all blue graves and on the graves you could read a comical text about the people who died. After that we went to The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance Museum. Afterwards we had lunch in a traditional restaurant with some music and dance. When we were on our way back we stopped by the Bârsana Monastery. The Monastery was big with nice houses and a stunning view. When we arrived at the hotel, we had some free time and had dinner at our hotel. It was a nice and busy day.
Next day we went to the castle of Carei, it was a nice and big castle with a lot of different rooms like: a room full of animals that the owner hunted, bedrooms, bathrooms…. We had a good guide, he told us a lot about the castle. After that we had lunch at Gemelli restaurant. In the afternoon we had a workshop on Romanian crafts at Hans Lindner. We had to choose from a few workshops.
On Friday, we taught the French the traditional dance of Belgium and they taught us their dance. We really enjoyed that activity, because the dances were funny and it was nice to socialize with the French. In the afternoon, we visited the County History Museum. The guide tour was interesting and not too long-winded. After the lunch we did a Bowling competition, We loved it! The Belgian team won from the French team. Revenge for stealing the World Cup. It was a nice activity to end the week, because we laughed a lot and because we had a lot of fun. In the evening, we had to show the rest of the group our traditional dance and the one of the French. Between the dances we had a nice dinner. Unfortunately, we had to say good bye after that, that was an emotional moment. On Saturday, we had to wake up at 5 am because we had to leave the hotel at 6 am. It was an early morning and everybody was tired. On the bus to the Airport everybody was sleeping. If we look back at the week, I think we all can say that it was good week with new experiences, friends and cultures.

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