Mobility Week in France for the Romanian students

The Romanian Erasmus+ team spent a wonderful week in their mobility in France, the 2nd mobility during the project, No more walls, just bridges. The partner school, Lycee Professionnel de Turgot, hosted us during the mobility in Montmorency , a quiet city located in the suburbs of Paris. The aim of this visit was the acquisition of competences concerning the use of technology in education. Our team was deeply impressed by the way the activities were organized and the students became richer in knowledge as well as more experienced regarding the use of modern technology. The web TV show in which the students presented all the activities of the first project year was a great success. We had also the possibility to visit the city of Paris. From the inside of the Louvre Museum to the top of the Eiffel Tower, from the visit to the Science Museum to the Arc de Triomphe not even the rain stopped us to know more about the French culture, religion, history, art, and cuisine.The boat trip on the River Seine and the long walk on the Champs Elysee will always remain in our students memories.The friendship tree in the schoolyard will always remember the French students that some European friends stopped at their gate for a chat together. Thank you for this great opportunity offered us!