Third mobility of the Erasmus+ project "No more walls ....just bridges" Paris, 6-12 October 2019

The third mobility event of the Erasmus+ project "No more walls ....just bridges" took place in Paris, France, from 6 to 12 October 2019 at the Tourgot Commercial High School.
The main purpose of the project is to demolish the walls that separate the nations and build bridges that instead unite them forever and we can say that it has been fully achieved because we guys have socialized with our foreign peers and, in a short time, were born relationships of affection and friendship that continue even after the end of the mobility.
We Italian students, together with Romanians, Belgians, Portuguese and French, have been involved in various project activities, workshops and cultural tours. The French students have been tutors in visiting museums and characteristic buildings in Paris, also organizing a treasure hunt in the district of Pigalle.
We had the opportunity to visit the Louvre, where we admired many artistic beauties such as the "Mona Lisa", the "Nike of Samothrace", the "Venus of Milo" and many paintings such as the "Freedom that guides the people" and "The raft of the Medusa".
It was exciting to climb the "Eiffel Tower" and admire a breathtaking view from above.
We also visited the "Basilica of the Sacred Heart" in Montmartre.
Interesting was the walk on the "Champes Elisee" to the Arc de Triomphe.
An entire afternoon was dedicated to the "City of Science" with a visit to the Planetarium.
At Montmorency, where the school is located, we were received by the Mayor who led us to the discovery of the Government Palace and its park.
The mobility ended with the production of a TV news in which all the partners made interviews and videos on how the project is lived in each school and with the planting of the "Tree of Friendship" in the school yard.